Workshop / Flash Mob for vocal and dance performer

In the Workshop “Alle Menschen werden Brüder“, two artists from two different countries – the performer and choreographer Adriana Könemann from Germany and the theatrical actor, teacher, director and author Matteo Belli from Italy – will work together. Over one week at 6 hours per day they will be working with one group to create a Flashmob Performance. The Performance will be publicly presented at the end of the workshop. The participants will have the opportunity to learn from two different artist and artistic disciplines. The idea is that all the participants join the whole workshop and thus get an impression of how to build a connected performance with different tools like vocals and dance. During this time, the group will create material for the flashmob.

The workshop will be held in English.

Methodology: “The incarnated voice” (Method of education to expressive speech not only for actors) by Matteo Belli, which includes elements of Bioenergetics, of the Proprioceptive Elastic Method of Alfonso Borragan, of postural re-education according to the Raggi Method, of elements of respiratory work from the Middendorff Method according to the teaching of Catherina Kroeger and elements of Belcanto from the Method of Professor Miguel Angel Curti

To procure: by participants: Each student/participant must bring 1 text to memory, in a completely unknown language, of about 30 words and an average already chosen, before the seminar, a language or dialect to use while working in grammelot (verbal-type onomatopoeic imitation).


The most important information:
When? 11th  november until -15th november 2019
Work Time: from 11am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6pm (with one hour lunchbreak included). 6 hours x day
Where? CAVAS Studio (Centrul de Cercetari Avansate in Domeniul Artelor Spectacolului / Center for Advanced Research in the Performing Arts), Faculty of Letters and Arts, Victoriei Boulevard, Sibiu, România

Direction: Adriana Könemann and Matteo Belli

Adriana Könemann (DE) will be working with principles of contemporary dance, body awareness training and movement research. With respect for a playful atmosphere and aiming to get connected with the room and with each other, the participants will explore the topic “connection” through guided dance improvisations. Hereby, the archaic symbol of the circle will also play a part in the common group exploration. As the group is as important as every single individual within itself, everyone can build up own movement qualities and learn from different body expressions by other group members.
Matteo Belli (IT) will be working on developing the actor’s expressive potential, looking for a sort of “universal actor”, regardless of the language used. The use of the voice opens, in this way, to the multiple resources that the individual can access when he frees his communication skills from the exclusive dominance of reason, to let emerge a greater spontaneity, a more immediate instinct, a wider and more varied  wealth of emotions. After a preparatory work of vocal training, we will try to produce vocal language without words, with new words deprived of the original linguistic meaning or totally invented. Therefore, a fundamental importance is attributed to the relations that the voice has with the more heterogeneous forms of human energy: from the relationship with the body to that with the psyche, in the sense of consciousness but also, more extensively, of interiority.

Number of participants: max. 20
Cost: Free
Language: English

Who can participate?
The minimum age for the workshop is 18 years.

Performers: Participants can be artists from a variety of performing disciplines (dancers, actors, singers, etc.) interested in dance, use of voice and physical theatre.



Useful information:

Teatrul National Radu Stanca

Ramona Hristea  Ph. +004/0731909331



Registrations will be accepted as long as there are still seats available.