Places of creation:
the Radu Stanca National theatre of Sibiu (Sibiu, RO)

Dates of the workshop: 
Mon 25.06. 11am -2 pm and 3-6 pm, at main stage of Radu Stanca National theatre of Sibiu;
Tue 26.06. 11am -2 pm and 3-6 pm, at main stage of Radu Stanca National theatre of Sibiu;
Wed 27.06. 11am -2 pm and 3-6 pm, at main stage of Radu Stanca National theatre of Sibiu;
Thu 28.06. 11am -2 pm and 3-6 pm, at main stage of Radu Stanca National theatre of Sibiu;

Friday 29th June: presentation in Habermann Markt

Taraf Urban

The third artistic exchange of Poetic Invasion project, in occasion of the Belgian year (2018) in Romania,  includes a final presentation in public space on 29th June in Sibiu. A project for performing artists and musicians. Interdisciplinary forms of working and playing will be experimented with, the focus is on an experimental and playful approach. The Belgian art director Jordi Vidal and the German coreographer Adriana Könemann will guide the participants and together they will develop the intervention from the content of the workshop.

The result of the 4 working days will be a Flash Mob based on small actions disseminated in the urban spaces, with characters drawn from the imagination of the great Flemish painting Pieter Brueghel (lived in Brussels in the mid-sixteenth century). It will be used various performing disciplines including music, circus, street theatre, dance and physical theatre.

The performance material comes from guided improvisations and subsequently; it will be developed and develop throughout the sessions. This is a unique opportunity to experience the process of a creation in a way that is respectful of the personality of each participant, with both a high standards of quality and everyone’s commitment. It is developed through positive thinking, to encourage the idea that from a “real” interest, need, desire … everyone can play and share to with and audience. As a result, participants, amongst other things, will:
(re) discover their own movement expression and (re) develop their personality, as well develop their own creative potential.
(re) learn, through being present ” Here And Now” to connect their imagination to their body’s movement.

The workshop will be held in English.

Creative Staff

Adriana Könemann is a young German choreographer. After the University of Arts in Social Studies in Ottersberg, she continued her education in contemporary dance, improvisation and body mind centering. In 2014 she began working as a choreographer for the theater workshop of the Hochschule Bremen. Since the spring of 2015, she is artistic director of the free dance and stage training of tanzbar_bremen and choreographed with Birgit Freitag. As a freelance artistic employee of tanzbar_bremen / KompeTanz she works in different areas. Teaching and coaching in regular trainings, as artistic assistant for the production SommerNight, as workshop leader and dancer.

Jordi Vidal

Jordi Vidal, Catalan choreographer, stage director and performer, he has the precisely timed legs of a Lippizaner and the irresistible appeal of a carrousel. He is trained in ballet, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, choreographic composition… various dramatic techniques (Stanislavski, Physical Theatre, Clown, Masque Neutre, Corporal Mime, Object Theatre…) and he was Guest Dancer at Folkwang Hoschchule, Essen (DE). Since 1988 his artistic development has been influenced by several trainings programmes. He has collaborated in more than 25 different productions with whom he made more than 300 performances.