Places of creation:
Teatro La Perla (Montegranaro, IT); City Council Hall in Palazzo Francescani.

Dates: From Mon 18th to Fri 22nd March (afternoon / evening – to be defined)

Final Presentation: Morning of Sat 23rd March in Civitanova Marche in public space

PARTICIPANTS: Up to 30 people group. Welcome participants from 18 years old (amateurs and professionals)  who work with movement / physical expression, willing to explore their creativity together with their physicality / movement and that they are use to improvise. Ideally dancers but also open to other stage arts amateurs and professionals (actors, mimes, clowns, circus…). All ages and backgrounds are welcome. Participants should bring very comfortable clothes and shoes in order to easily move inside and outside (street). The workshop will be held in English and Spanish with Italian translation.


Free artistic lab including a final presentation in public space that will mainly work in movement improvisation and instant composition based on the work and imagination of the great Flemish painting Pieter Brueghel (lived in Brussels in the mid-sixteenth century). It is based on a common connection for everyone: the body and its expression, its presence, its spatial significance, its conscious and unconscious images… therefore, its own language. The performance material comes from guided improvisations and subsequently; it will be developed and develop throughout the sessions. I will propose guided improvisation exercises from contemporary dance as well as from physical theatre. This is a unique opportunity to experience the process of a creation in a way that is respectful of the personality of each participant, with both a high standards of quality and everyone’s commitment. It is developed through positive thinking, to encourage the idea that from a “real” interest, need, desire … everyone can play and share it to an audience. Participants will improvise in groups, in couple and alone. The result of the 5 working days will be a short and effective Flash Mob played it in a public space.
As a result, participants, amongst other things, will: (re)discover their own movement expression and (re)develop their personality, as well develop their own creative potential. Thee workshop will propose guided improvisation exercises from dance as well as from physical theatre in a contemporary and at the same time playful way. Any dance background is need it to participate. Just the willing to explore creativity together with physicality.

About methodologie:

On the first day we will divided the workshops in two parts. One guided by Adriana Koenemann and the other one guided by Jordi Vidal. Following that, Adriana and Jordi will develop a more accurate way to proceed in relation of the participants’s number, type and aims. We are considering various ways to continuous the workshop depending with whom we will work with. This is in order to work with them in the most efficient way.

Example: divided the participants into two distinct groups depending of their skills. One group will continuous working with Adriana and the other one with Jordi. Also we are thinking to develop two different and at the same time complementary final results / flash mob that could be played consecutive or in two different places at the same time. We are also thinking that one of us will lead the final result and the another one will be focus more in the workshop and/or as an assistant. During the whole process, Adriana and Jordi with have meetings in order to improve and develop the artistic approach and the flash mob/final presentation.



Creative Staff

Adriana Könemann is a young German choreographer. After the University of Arts in Social Studies in Ottersberg, she continued her education in contemporary dance, improvisation and body mind centering. In 2014 she began working as a choreographer for the theater workshop of the Hochschule Bremen. Since the spring of 2015, she is artistic director of the free dance and stage training of tanzbar_bremen and choreographed with Birgit Freitag. As a freelance artistic employee of tanzbar_bremen / KompeTanz she works in different areas. Teaching and coaching in regular trainings, as artistic assistant for the production SommerNight, as workshop leader and dancer.


Jordi Vidal

Jordi Vidal, Catalan choreographer, stage director and performer, he has the precisely timed legs of a Lippizaner and the irresistible appeal of a carrousel. He is trained in: ballet, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, choreographic composition… various dramatic techniques (Stanislavski, Physical Theatre, Clown, Masque Neutre, Corporal Mime, Object Theatre…) and he was Guest Dancer at Folkwang Hoschchule, Essen (DE). Since 1988 his artistic development has been influenced by several trainings programmes. He has collaborated in more than 25 different productions with whom he made more than 300 performances.