Montegranaro – Italy, 10th – 11th July 2019

A showcase for those who are able to transform any place into a theatre !



Following a firmly Europeanist inspiration, in line with Poetic Invasion aims and the values of Open Street aisbl, this international showcase will be an occasion to create an European marketplace for performing arts in unconventional spaces taking care to the specific cultural frames of every single country of continent.

The SHOWCASE with free adhesion is opened to all artists, companies, European promoters who accept the official call, having stable activity in EU countries and being active in the sector of street arts and urban happenings.

A Program of 12 shows shared into 3 categories of competition (depending on the number of artists involved and the cachet requested), selected by the organizing committee, with companies of various countries which will receive a refund proportioned to the complexity of their transfers.

The Showcase give to the best ranked companies the opportunity to perform in front to a qualified audience of art operators.

The organizing committee foresee to invite to Showcase 15 representatives of as many European festivals, and from 10 representatives of as many Italian Festivals.

The organizers of festival joining the showcase are committed to insert in the next edition of their event at least 1 show to be chosen among those selected for the official program matching the price range of category in which companies have signed up (+ travel expenses + accommodation and meals).



Agata Rychcik-Skibiński Wertep Festival (Poland)
Andrew Loretto WinchesterHat Fair (United Kingdom)
Bojan Terzic In-Art Festival (Montenegro)
Dan Bartha Sibiu Int Festival (Romania)
Daniel Renwick Tadaa! (Estonia)
Danny Claeys Brouwsels Op Straat (Belgium)
Dolores De Matos FIAR (Portugal)
Jenna Hall Festival of Fools (United Kingdom)
Manuel Gonzalez Feria de Castilla y León (Spain)
Nela Chamrádová Cirkulum (Czech Rep.)
Rui Cervera Sementes (Portugal)
Thorsten Andreassen Stockholm Street Festival (Sweden)

…13 further organizers are confirming !


Dowload the Official Call for participation: Official Call
Official Participation Call




  • To participate to selection of the official program companies and artists must subscribe the PIC website, fill a new Show Presentation (tag Activities on personal prifile) and insert a video of the proposed show, then fill the participation request in this page.
  • Each company or artist selected must to perform their show in one of two days of the International Showcase (10th or 11th July 2019) in open air amazing location of the Montegranaro countryside area.
  • The showcase guests the selected groups/artists (with accomodation provided for artists and techincians) and grants them a “refund token” proportioned to the distance and accommodation to all members, encouraging participation from decentralized areas (see below for refund token calculation)
  • The technical request for the show must be agreed with the showcase organizing committee
  • Deadline for application: 31st May 2019
  • Deadline for selection of 12 shows to be performed in the official program: 10th June 2019



A Program of 12 shows shared into 3 categories of competition (depending on the number of artists involved and the cachet requested), will be selected by the organizing committee. The selection will take account of the geographical origin of the artists and the opportunity for a company to be selected will be facilitated in case the country is poorly represented in the showcase. Instead, the score for shows of countries massively present, will be slightly downward revisedThe showcase allows companies up to 6 artists.



  • 100,00 € for each artist involved in the show
  • 100,00 € for every 200 km of distance between the company headquarters and Montegranaro (one way route)

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