Places of creation:
Conservatorio Pergolesi di Fermo (Fermo, IT)
Teatro La Perla (Montegranaro, IT)

Dates of the workshop: 
Tue 22.05. 6 – 8 pm Conservatorio Pergolesi di Fermo; Teatro La Perla 8-11 pm;
Wed 23.05. 6 – 8 pm Conservatorio Pergolesi di Fermo; Teatro La Perla 8-11 pm;
Thu 24.05. 6 – 8 pm Conservatorio Pergolesi di Fermo; Teatro La Perla 8-11 pm;
Fry 25.05. 6 – 8 pm Conservatorio Pergolesi di Fermo; Teatro La Perla 8-11 pm;

Sat 26.05 10 am; 4 pm presentation in public space

Taraf Urban

The second artistic exchange of Poetic Invasion project including a final presentation in public space from 22 to 26 May 2018 at the LA PERLA THEATRE of Montegranaro. A project for performing artists and musicians. Interdisciplinary forms of working and playing will be experimented with, the focus is on an experimental and playful approach. The Romanian composer Vlaicu Golcea and the Belgian choreographer and director Jordi Vidal will guide the participants and together they will develop the intervention from the content of the workshop.

As results of the 5 working days, an Itinerant Flash Mob staged in form of musical feast in Romanì style, with a particular attention to involvement of audience. Participants will be working in two groups: One will be constitute by musicians and singers willing to explore improvisation and interested in Vlaicu Golcea’s music who will direct this research workshop (participants are welcome to bring their own instruments; musical skills are necessary). The other one will be constitute of dancers, actors, circus, clown… artists from 18 years old willing to explore their creativity together with their physicality. This group will be directed by Jordi L. Vidal and mainly working with dance and physical theatre. Both groups will interact and enrich each other in order to create a final act/flash mob and on the topic and music of « Taraf Urban »

The performance material comes from guided improvisations and subsequently; it will be developed and develop throughout the sessions. This is a unique opportunity to experience the process of a creation in a way that is respectful of the personality of each participant, with both a high standards of quality and everyone’s commitment. It is developed through positive thinking, to encourage the idea that from a “real” interest, need, desire … everyone can play and share to with and audience. As a result, participants, amongst other things, will:
(re) discover their own movement expression and (re) develop their personality, as well develop their own creative potential.
(re) learn, through being present ” Here And Now” to connect their imagination to their body’s movement.

The workshop will be held in English.



Creative Staff

Vlaicu Golcea is a Romanian composer. As a crossover artist, he’s involved in several types of art. He specializes in composing theatrical and and film music, multimedia installations and performances. He’s published over 30 titles and has played numerous concerts all over Europe. In 2009, he won the renowned Romanian award UNITER for theatrical music.


Jordi Vidal

Jordi Vidal, Catalan choreographer, stage director and performer, he has the precisely timed legs of a Lippizaner and the irresistible appeal of a carrousel. He is trained in: ballet, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, choreographic composition… various dramatic techniques (Stanislavski, Physical Theatre, Clown, Masque Neutre, Corporal Mime, Object Theatre…) and he was Guest Dancer at Folkwang Hoschchule, Essen (DE). Since 1988 his artistic development has been influenced by several trainings programmes. He has collaborated in more than 25 different productions with whom he made more than 300 performances.


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