An artistic lab including a final presentation in public space



From 9th until 13th March 2020, a performing workshop with a final presentation in public space will take place in Sibiu. In the Workshop, two artists from two different countries – the performer and choreographer Jordi Vidal from Belgium and the theatrical actor, teacher, director and author Matteo Belli from Italy – will work together. Over 5 days, they will be working with two different groups to create a Flashmob Performance dedicated to the Italian Opera “Va Pensiero” by Giuseppe Verdi. The participants will be divided into two groups with either a focus on physical theatre and dance or vocal expression and improvisation, each working with one international artist. The groups will be merged at some points in order to present a POETIC INVASION of the historic city centre of Sibiu. In this final Flashmob, the group directed by Matteo Belli will present a short vocal improvisation for a chorus of actors, possibly in interaction with the choreographic work of the group directed by Jordi Vidal, possibly also including public participation. This is a unique opportunity to experience the process of a creation in a way that is respectful of the personality of each participant, with both a high standards of quality and everyone’s commitment.



Places of creation:
ASTRA Library, 7 George Barițiu  Street, Sibiu, România

Dates of the creative sessions: 
Monday 9th March to Friday 13th March , 2020
3h per day from 14 h to 17 h
Friday 13th March: presentation in Sibiu City Centre

Matteo Belli (ITALY)
Jordi Vidal (BELGIUM)

Number of participants: 8 – 18 person per group (max 36 participants in total)

Language: English

Fees: Free of Costs

Who can participate?
Anyone who is engaged in some kind of performing art can participate (dancers, actors / actresses, circus artists, clowns, etc.) and who is interested in dance, physical theatre, language and vocal expression. Minimum age is 18 years for this workshop. Registrations will be accepted as long as there are still places vacant.
For Dance Group: Participants should bring very comfortable clothes and shoes in order to easily move inside and outside (street). Any dance background is need it to participate.
For Theatre Group: Each student must bring 1 text to memory, in a completely unknown language, of about 30 words and an average already chosen, before the seminar, a lan-guage or dialect to use while working in grammelot (verbal-type onomatopoeic imitation)
Contacts: Ramona Hristea; +004/0731909331




Jordi Vidal

Jordi L. Vidal is an artist living in Belgium with experience in multi disciplinary work. He works with various forms of movement, influenced by ballet, contemporary dance and choreography as well as dramatic techniques such as physical theatre. In addition to numerous collaborations, Jordi has also been teaching dance and physical theatre for 30 years.






Matteo Belli is one of the leading European experts in the use of the voice. Invited as such to scientific conferences in the field of vocality, he developed a particular theatrical technique called “Symphonic Actor” which is based on the use of vocal resonants. Moreover he is a talented pantomime artist and director, very well known in Italy and Latin America, passionate interpreter of the medieval tradition of jesters and buffoons.