‘Fantastic Village People’, the flash mob experience in Montegranaro

The Fantastic Village People has just ended, a free theater/dance workshop, part of the activities included in the European project “Poetic Invasion of the cities” and helded in the Municipality of Montegranaro (Italy), project leader since 2017.
The workshop was held from 18th to 22th March and was ideally aimed at adults of all ages, both professional and non-professional, from the dance world but also open to other types of artists, actors, mime, clow and circus performers with a good attitude to work on movement, physical expression and improvisation.
The five intense days of work were led by the two choreographers Jordi L. Vidal from Belgium and Adriana Koenemann from Germany.

“We had the opportunity to work with attentive and really open participants towards everything we proposed during the workshop. Ours was an action based on physical work, mainly on dance, but also with theatrical moments. During the improvisations we built scenes on subjects common to all human beings: death and being in constant expectation of something for example, but also being together and the search for contact with the other. A great inspiration for our work was the painting – The fall of the rebel angels – by the Belgian artist Pieter Bruegel, who in his works used to depict the varied humanity intent on everyday actions. We have practiced different experiences, both more concrete and more abstract, such as floating in space “ said Koenemann.

The participants were able to (re)discover their own expression of movement, develop their own personality and their creative potential and (re)learn, through the concept of “Here and Now” to connect their imagination to the movement of their body.

“We worked with very different people, with a varied background ranging from hip hop to the world of experimental theater. The result was an inclusive project, in which everyone was welcome regardless of their age, gender or skill in the arts of the show “concluded Vidal finally.

The result of the intense work was presented with a Flash Mob on March 23rd, in Civitanova Marche, an event that impressed the citizens for the context out of the ordinary and its being unexpectedly played and enjoyed in a public space, in small actions scattered in urban spaces.



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