Workshop / Flash Mob for vocal and dance performer

25th-31th July, Montegranaro (IT)

For one week at 3 hours per day (sunday 25th july 6 hours) participants will be working with the german Performer Valentin Heacker to create a Flashmob Performance. The Performance will be publicly presented at the end of the workshop (Friday and Sunday). The idea is that all the participants join the whole workshop and thus get an impression of how to build a connected performance with different tools like vocals and dance. During this time, the group will create material for the flashmob.

The workshop will be held in English.

Methodology: “a laboratory aimed at finding the right importance of the presence of the person in space, through an authentic, aware body, fully experienced with the emotions and characteristics of its own in relation to the other and the surrounding environment, considering the body as the best expressive means for the realization of ourselves, both in the stage / actor space and in everyday life.

Reference points of the proposed work:

• experiences of preparation for acrobatics
• exercises of presence in the stage space
• awareness of posture and breathing
• experience the support on the ground and the body axis
• the encounter with the other as a possibility of growth
• the gaits, the displacement in space
• emotions and physicality – making the invisible visible
• authentic sensations in an imaginary situation
• immobility and bodily expression: statues and monuments


The most important information:
When? 25th until – 31th july 2021
Work Time: Sunday 25th July 4:00-7:00 pm; 9:00-12:00 pm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00 pm. FlashMob Thursday and Sunday in Montegranaro.
Where? Parrocchia San Liborio in Montegranaro (Fermo, Italy).


Andreas Heacker (DE) Biografy

Number of participants: max. 20
Cost: Free of cost
Language: English

Who can participate?
The minimum age for the workshop is 18 years.

Performers: Participants can be artists from a variety of performing disciplines (dancers, actors, singers, acrobats, etc.) interested in dance, use of voice and physical theatre.



Useful information:


Francesco Marilungo  Ph. +39 347 6022024



Registrations will be accepted as long as there are still seats available.